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Simple Aftercare has recently created a sponsorship with Orphans in Need to implement an innovative method of donating money – without donating your money!

Orphans in Need is a charitable organisation which was established in order to help some of the world’s most vulnerable and needy people. The organisation is committed to the eradication of all forms of poverty throughout the world. However, the organisation’s primary focus is on orphans and widows; often the weakest members of any society and the most affected by poverty.

Orphans in Need have created many projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle East designed to provide shelter, healthcare, clothing and education which benefit orphans and orphanages.

Ummah Welfare Trust is another reputable charity which is very effective in providing support in the aftermath of natural disasters and crises.

Where we come in…

At Simple Aftercare, we strongly believe that the whole of mankind is responsible for any child without parents or guardians. This is why we have pledged to contribute a percentage of our profits from each case and this will be donated to Orphans in Need every month.

In the event of a natural disaster, Simple Aftercare will instead donate a percentage of our profits to Ummah Welfare Trust as we feel the donations would be more effective under certain circumstances.

So in essence, we will be donating on behalf of each individual client once a case has been accepted. It’s as simple as that – so it really depends on you…



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