Payment Protection Insurance

  • Company fees from 15%
  • £9 Billion already paid out by banks
  • 3 simple step process
  • No upfront fees

What is Payment Protection Insurance?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies are designed to cover your monthly payments whether they be a personal loan, credit card or a mortgage if you cannot meet the payment demands due to an accident, sickness or are later unemployed.

Have you been mis-sold a policy?

Unfortunately, many policy holders are unaware of exclusions and are forced in to taking out PPI in order to get a loan, and in some cases they were not informed that PPI had even been included.

Common forms of payment protection insurance mis-selling techniques include:

• You were told it was necessary for you to take out PPI in order to get a loan
• You felt pressured into buying PPI
• You were not informed you could buy PPI elsewhere which would be 80% cheaper
• You were not aware of any exclusions
• You were not asked whether you already had sufficient Insurance cover



What do we provide?

Our experienced legal team will initiate a thorough investigation and handle the process all the way through to a conclusion. We do not charge any upfront fees for our PPI claims service and we will only request payment when it is certain that the lender will hand out a PPI award.




  • Client informs simple aftercare of potential PPI policy mis-sold and provides their name, contact number and address
  • Simple aftercare sends out PPI literature for client to either retain or return. (Retain - PPI Procedure and copy of Terms of Business, Return – Terms of Business, PPI questionnaire, Letter of Authority, any useful documentation from lender)
  • Client completes and returns necessary information to Simple Aftercare
  • Simple aftercare process information and send ‘first letter to lender’
  • Lender writes letter to acknowledge receipt of complaint and aim to resolve within 8 weeks


PPI policy existed and was mis-sold: Lender calculates the amount, including 8% interest. Some lenders require signed approval from client of award amount. Client usually paid within four weeks

PPI policy existed but wasn’t mis-sold: complaint is closed/ resolved. If client is unhappy, can contact Financial Ombudsman

PPI Policy did not exist: complaint is closed/ resolved. If client is unhappy, can contact Financial Ombudsman

If ‘PPI policy existed and was mis-sold’, Simple Aftercare will send a copy of the invoice for amount as agreed to in ‘Terms of Business’ and await payment from client

If client is not satisfied with outcome, the PPI complaint can be referred over to the Financial Ombudsman. This MUST be done within 6 months of receiving an outcome from the business

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