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An individual’s right to claim compensation for Personal Injury was established in 1932 through a case which reached the House of Lords (Donoghue VS Stevenson 1932). Through this case, the judges decided that people must take reasonable care not to cause injury to other people with their actions and if by accident they do so, the injured person is entitled to compensation.

So claiming compensation is not a ‘new trend’, as approximately three million people are injured in accidents every year. The most common cause of injury is due to car related accidents, but Simple Aftercare also provides assistance and recommendations for people who have been injured in the home, work or outdoors.

The legal rules regarding personal injury claims have developed over the years and are well understood. Our recommended solicitors will be able to tell you whether you have a good claim and should be able to give you an indication of the compensation you could be entitled to. Although, how much you could get may not be completely certain until you have been seen by a medical expert.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal Injury can include any physical injury, psychological harm, disease or illness.

  • Injuries caused by car accidents may include whiplash, bruising, cuts and breaks.
  • Faulty goods or services can result in harm or injury, as was the case with Mrs Donoghue
  • A Misdiagnosis or errors in hospital treatment may result in injury (medical Negligence).
  • The work place can bring people into contact with harmful substances which may bring on illness or disease.
  • Discrimination and harassment at work can result in psychological illness.
  • Injury as a result of spillages which were not cleaned, were cleaned insufficiently or did not have clear signs presented.

What is Compensation?

The aim of compensation is to put things right, by returning you back to the same position you enjoyed prior to the accident.

This is simple when it comes to financial loss; damage to possessions, medical/ travel expenses, car hire and repair costs or lost earnings.

However, no one can replace or remove the pain suffered as a result of the accident or the inconvenience caused. English Law says that you are entitled to a sum of money in the form of compensation to make up for the distress caused.




What you should do

Simple aftercare strongly recommends that you visit your GP (if possible) and inform them of the accident so they can apply appropriate treatment. It’s also a good idea to keep a note of your injuries, the symptoms you experience and how they have affected you. Our recommended solicitors will arrange a medical appointment for you to see a doctor who will prepare a medical report which will give strong evidence for your injury claim. Therefore it is clear that accurate information is essential to the case as the more information you provide, the more accurate the report will be.

We also suggest that you keep a record of all lost earnings (time taken off work), damaged items and the money you spend on transport or treatments. Please note that it is necessary to keep receipts to prove your claim.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a non fault road traffic accident in the last three years, you or they may be entitled to compensation.




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  1. Provide your details via Injury Portal which will process your details securely directly to your solicitor
  2. Your solicitor will contact you and confirm all your details and then send out an initial claims pack for you to complete and return
  3. Your solicitor will have already started making enquiries with the Third Party Insurance company and will arrange a medical appointment for you
  4. Attend medical appointment
  5. You will receive your medical report shortly after this, for you to sign and return to your solicitor
  6. Your solicitor will then make a suitable offer based on the prognosis given by the medical examiner
  7. Receive settlement cheque (INSERT – pic of cheque in hand)

    Please note that these are the stages that a typical injury claim go through and by no means illustrate what your claim will go through. Every claim is unique and the duration of a claim cannot be calculated until the claim itself has been lodged and is proceeding.




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Your type of accident not listed?

If you feel your accident does not fit into the categories mentioned, Simple Aftercare may still be able to help you receive financial compensation. Simply fill in the form below and submit it to us and we will contact you with more information on how we can help.

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