Providing a quality service for all types of claims

At Simple Aftercare, we provide a broad range of claims management services with the aim of settling your claim efficiently in as little time as possible. We also provide both credit hire and credit repair services to the public, taxi drivers and courier drivers as well as accidents involving uninsured drivers.

We have also added Payment Protection Insurance to our list of services and provide very competitive rates on a No win – No fee basis.

To benefit from any of our services, please click on one of the icons below:

credit repair

Credit Repair

Directing repairs through your insurance company or even the Third Party is usually a lengthy procedure and can take longer to authorise repairs. You may also find that your no claims bonus is compromised and you would have to pay any applicable excess. By utilising our credit repair and credit hire service, these issues will be non- existent.

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private hire

Credit Hire

Requesting a replacement car from your own insurers is the most common practice and seems to be the most sensible option, but this also has its drawbacks. Your no claims bonus is likely to be affected and you would be liable to pay any applicable excess. By utilising our credit hire and credit repair service, these issues will be non- existent.

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com hire

Private Hire Accident

If you're a private hire driver and have been involved in an accident which was not your fault, then let Simple Aftercare put you back on the road with an approved private hire registered vehicle.

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hit by un driver

Hit by an uninsured driver?

If you have been unfortunate enough to have had an accident with an uninsured driver which was not your fault, then Simple Aftercare can still manage your claim to ensure you receive maximum level of compensation without compromising on the level of service.

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ppi icon

Payment Protection Insurance

Our experienced legal team will initiate a thorough investigation and handle the process all the way through to a conclusion. We also charge no upfront fees for our PPI claims service and we will only request payment when it is certain that the lender will hand out a PPI award.

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injury icon

Injury Portal

Submit your information via our Injury Portal, our experienced and friendly team will contact you.

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Our Services

An individual’s right to claim compensation for Personal Injury was established in 1932 through a case which reached the House of Lords (Donoghue VS Stevenson 1932). Through this case, the judges decided that people must take reasonable care not to cause injury to other people with their actions and if by accident they do so, the injured person is entitled to compensation...Read More

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies are designed to cover your monthly payments whether they be a personal loan, credit card or a mortgage if you cannot meet the payment demands due to an accident, sickness or are later unemployed...Read More

At Simple Aftercare, our qualified team of estimators utilise the insurance approved ‘Glassmatix’ system to produce professional estimates for you within 24 hours. Thus, you can boost your expected income levels by relying on our bespoke services. There is also no need for you to deal with everything in house as we will provide a dedicated contact centre which offers first class sales and support services. We will ensure that all the hours, parts and materials which are necessary for the repair are estimated justly and included as part of our services...Read More