hit by un driver

Hit by an uninsured driver? Claim against a driver who had no insurance...

If you have been unfortunate enough to have had an accident with an uninsured driver which was not your fault, then Simple Aftercare can still manage your claim to ensure you receive maximum level of compensation without compromising on the level of service. We will pursue the uninsured driver to ensure a prosecution whilst providing services such as replacement vehicles and dealing with any injury which you may have sustained. We work closely with the Motor Insurance Bureau to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to.

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  1. Provide your details to Simple aftercare (link to Claims Portal)
  2. One of our claims handlers will contact you shortly and confirm your details and obtain any outstanding information
  3. One of our qualified engineers will carry out an inspection of your vehicle to establish the repair costs and whether it is economical to repair
  4. We will send inspection report to Third Party Insurance and inform them that we are going to repair vehicle (if repairable) or request for them to pay out for the value of your vehicle
  5. Garage will book in repairs and you will receive a replacement vehicle whilst your vehicle is in repairs
  6.  You will either receive a cheque for the PAV or your vehicle repaired to manufacturer’s standard

Our Services

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Requesting a replacement car from your own insurers is the most common practice and seems to be the most sensible option, but this also has its drawbacks. Your no claims bonus is likely to be affected and you would be liable to pay any applicable excess. By utilising our credit hire and credit repair service, these issues will be non- existent...Read More

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Directing repairs through your insurance company or even the Third Party is usually a lengthy procedure and can take longer to authorise repairs. You may also find that your no claims bonus is compromised and you would have to pay any applicable excess. By utilising our credit repair and credit hire service, these issues will be non- existent....Read More