private hire

  • Delivery of your replacement vehicle direct to your home or workplace
  • Arrange recovery of your vehicle to secure storage for damage assessment at no charge (if necessary)
  • Have your vehicle repaired at the garage of your choice or from our nationwide network of insurance approved body shops
  • Compensate any loss of earnings
  • Free of charge and no upfront costs as hire charges are recovered from Third Party
  • You won’t lose your no claims bonus
  • Independent qualified engineers will provide a fair valuation of your vehicle using insurance approved software
  • Refund of any policy excess
  • We deliver cars in 4 working hours (subject to status)

Most people do not have the money to fund their own repairs or to hire a replacement car, and that is where we step in.  We arrange hire and repairs for the innocent victims of road accidents and we submit the invoices directly to the insurer for payment.

With access to a fleet of over 3000 vehicles including prestige vehicles, commercial vehicles, private hire vehicles and motorcycles, we promise to deliver a replacement vehicle according to your schedule and deliver it to your home, work place or a location more convenient for you. You are also, generally, entitled to a replacement vehicle that is equivalent to your own.  You do not need to put up with public transport, or a small inappropriate courtesy car.

Our service is free of charge as we will provide a like for like vehicle under a credit agreement, which means we will recover the hire costs from the at fault party’s insurance company. We also offer credit protection insurance so that you will be protected against any un-recovered hire charges.


  1. We will need to take details of the accident from you so that we can investigate it.
  2. If the case is accepted, we then enter into an agreement with you to fund your repairs and will provide you with a brand new replacement vehicle
  3. We will deliver replacement vehicle off you and recover your car to an insurance approved body shop
  4. We instruct an independent motor engineer to carry out an inspection of your vehicle and establish the repair costs. The inspection report will also identify whether the vehicle is economical to repair
  5. If the vehicle is deemed to be beyond economical repair, i.e. Total Loss, the engineer will have prepared the inspection report confirming the pre-accident value of your vehicle. We can liaise with the negligent party’s insurer on your behalf to obtain a settlement
  6. We will collect our vehicle off you shortly after you have received your cheque, usually seven days later so that you have time to think about what car you wish to buy next
  7. If the vehicle is repairable, we will take your vehicle through the Credit Repair process and the replacement vehicle will remain with you for the duration of the repairs


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Our Services

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